Thursday, April 20, 2017

Broaden Understanding of Reality through new Words

This morning while contemplating hot to understand conciousness was thinking would not be able to do it with current tools so need to expand on it.

Early on in like I read a preface to a C++ book which said that language limits the way you think and what you can think about. Interesting today is the first time realised that object orientated programming is based on Bertrand Russell philosophies but that is another story.

So I had a revelation this morning that the english language does not have the required words to explain conciousness properly so will need to use either memes or words from other languages to get a better understanding. So this post I will continuelly update it with words and images that may help me to a better understanding of conciousness

Elohim -
Gods (plural), deities, angels, sacred beings/messengers.

Yhvh -
The Hebrew name of God (usually held to be unpronounceable, and/or too sacred to be uttered).

Avodah (עֲבוֹדָה)
Service – in the sense of both work and worship (thus work and worship being one act).

A practice or interaction of mutual forgiveness and restitution

An inviolable promise, a word of honour, to keep an oath.

Yilugnta (ይሉኝታ)
A feeling of obligation to consider and defer to the opinion of others (in a positive way).

Baraka (بركة)
Spiritual energy; ‘sanctifying power’.

Fanaa (فناء)
‘annihilation’ of the ego, leading to enlightenment and union with God.

Fitra (فطرة)
An innate purity and closeness to God.

Khalas (خلاص)
Something (e.g., a task) that is irrevocably done/over/finished (often with an implication of liberation/deliverance as a result)

Dreamtime; an ancestral period when the world was created.

To shed clothes to dance uninhibited.

Cooperative labour; working together for the common good.

Rén (仁)
Humanity, benevolence; the positive feeling enjoyed by a virtuous person through altruistic behaviour.

Yì (義)
Duty; justice; a moral disposition towards goodness.

Guān xì (關係)
A build-up of relationships and good social karma.

Tao (道)
All-powerful and pervasive power, path or way.

Wú (無)
Negative, void, nothingness, non-being; used in Buddhism to imply 'neither yes nor no'.

Dāntián (丹田)
Lit. energy centre; places in the body that are believed to be significant in the flow of qi; focal points for meditative exercises

Qì chang (氣場)
Energy field (e.g., between/surrounding multiple people).

Lit. 'to walk in the wind'; to go out into nature (e.g., the beach, or countryside), perhaps to clear one's head.

Consensus-based decision making

To think that someone deserves something (good); to feel happy for them getting it.

Angelic patience (i.e., great patience)

Lit ‘dream helper’; a spirit guide who appears in a dream/vision (e.g., providing a solution to a problem).

Akh (Ꜣḫ)
Thought/intellect; enduring soul; reanimated after death by the union of ba and ka

Justice and truth, order and equity; the foundational principle of ancient Egypt.

To understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.


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