Monday, May 04, 2015

The Fight

Interesting weekend after watching the Manny vs Mayweather fight which was one of the best boxing performances I have seen. Usually I can pick a winner by the way they face each other in the ring and before that moment I was commentating how relaxed Manny was and stressed Mayweather was . Then they they faced each other and I was worried.

I have never followed Mayweather but have been following Manny so believed the hype going into the fight in that manny had a good chance and only started having doubts by the excellent breakdown by Paulie Malignaggi on  theGrantland boxing podcast. Also finding out that Mayweather had a five inch reach advantage and big height difference which was also significant. Reminded me of the Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson fight. So I didn't end up betting on the fight.

Some observations of the fight. First how people who invested their time in the Clippers vs Spurs game going overboard in justifying why it was better to be there.  Spurs never repeat and the Clippers wont make the Finals. So watching a a great performance that doesn't mean that much in the scheme of things. In ten years time will people be saying that they watched the 7th game of meaningless final or the last great boxing match of our century.

My father took me to my first boxing match when I was around 5 or 6 and I still remember it. A significant reason why the NFL does so well, is the violence in the sport and in my experience there is nothing more violent then being ringside at a boxing match. Its primal in us to watch gladiators face of each other for major rewards. My best fan experience in sports was watching the South Pacific games amateur boxing with a packed crowd who were totally in to it. I would bet that of all the millionaires and billionaires that was ringside a significant number would consider that fight as one of the best sporting experiences that they have been too. In my experience what makes a great sporting experience is mainly to do with the people that you are there with and the shared experience amplifies the sporting event.  Where else would you get moguls, athletes, singers, actors, gangsters and normal people sitting next to each other instead of their suites.

Okay something else that has been bothering me is issue of domestic violence and how that should stop people watching the fight. I find this so hypocritical that we complain about this issue when our countries support the bombing of families and children in the name of giving democracy to a nation or supporting Israel no matter what atrocities it does.  The violence that has occurred in the name of  collateral damage to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestinians would pale in comparison to what athletes have done.

I believe that there should be consequences for actions and we all live in a world with the ultimate consequence ends up being violent consequences in which examples are either the threat of being raped in jail, or violently apprehended, waiting to be droned in war, or smacked by your family or peers. Social ostracization  has lost its strength as a consequence with social media and the internet

Which brings me to the hypocritical nature of people supporting the mother in Baltimore for smacking her son but complain about domestic violence done by athletes.

So what do I believe, I believe that there is a disconnect between what we accept in terms of the violence done in our name in different countries and violence we accept in our community and at home. I hate seeing kids smacked or threatened with violence because parents are too lazy to go with the more suitable consequence. I don't accept a reasons for partners to be violent with each other unless its for defense. For me violent consequences are only needed if that is the best option in changing behavior for the common good for people and or countries.

Anyway a Really take, as just got upset in portrayal of how violence as an important factor in changing behavior for running a functional society and people trying to diminish its value with hypocritical arguments.


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