Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obama the shackles are off

Just read that ties between USA is publicly breaking with Israel concerning Palestine.  These actions plus the fines to J.P Morgan and Johnson & Johnson shows that there is a change at the Whitehouse. Obama's team are not scared as before to do the right thing.  Strength shown during the Government shutdown was also unprecedented in my time of following the democratic party.

I actually have hope again and especially after watching Ray Dalio clip below. The information has motivated me to actually be productive in our society. As I have spent the last three years mainly playing video games and sponged of the people and society around me.

Amazing I am playing nearly playing tennis everyday with my boys, we play cards most nights and I am helping them with their school work in which they have really deteriorated over the last few years. Now I am in the process of writing android apps to help them with their school work and will hopefully help other students.

I still believe that we will need a huge reset to fix the worlds problems but I am happy that the people that I originally supported i.e Obama are now moving in the right direction on issues that is important to the earth


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my friend, I hope one day we meet and can have a beer or coffee or tea together.

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