Sunday, June 16, 2013

What do they have over Obama

I have been following Obama ever since he came up in my Radar in Daily Kos as a leader for the new century.  The Obama that I supported seems totally different to the one know that has agreed to sending USA into a war with Syria.

I have heard that Obama is worried that he has to follow orders otherwise he will go down the road of MLK.  I don't think its that simple and there has to be other major factors that he feels threatened about and amazingly I don't want to write about which is interesting in itself.

So what are his options. I can't really think of any so I suppose its better to just go with the flow. Must be doing something right though as I though we would have a financial reset by now and that threat in my mind is much less then it was a few years ago.

I think his best option is if possible to put people that are loyal to him in positions of power. Amazing how I can't think of anything good that could work. One of the things I would do is bring Colin Powell into my circle and start from their.


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