Monday, June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden PRISM Whistle blower

Firstly the ability of PRISM doesn't surprise me since I learn't the Cisco routers have enable backdoor capabilities for accessing information on the network. So they don't actually need to access servers as they have all information coming in and out of the servers. The hard part is to make sense of that data.

The second thing I don't believe that USA government is more interested in supporting large corporations than the people, so adding more controls over the people is not in the best interests of the people. Having more information over the people is having more control over people in the age of information is power.

From the Edward Snowden interview it was so refreshing to see a speaker using words that relate to his issue instead of dumbing it down for the audience. I understand his position as a System Administrator and how he has access to all information as I have served the role before but was able to use that information to help our organisation as knew big picture information status about how our organisation was doing. So I really understand his situation.

Below is the Edward Snowden interview.

Its amazing how in this incident I have lost so much respect for Obama and Google. And could be a reason that seemed to be more depressed lately.

I always ask family members what they think about major stories, to see how conditioned people will react and they think if gathering information will save them for terrorist then its okay. In the day of facebook and distractions I am not hopeful there will be a positive outcome from this event but just condition from more people that the path by government is going is okay as long as they are safe from whatever bogeyman that is being promoted at that time.

The people that support the government on this issue will be more invested in more government tracking of peoples behavior.  I am also guessing this will be not an issue for the Millenium and Y generation. At least now they will be able to identify which of the people that are against Government spying on them using PRISM.

On a sidenote it was fascinating watching one of TPTB media outlets CBS interviewing Assange as four people tried to tag team him on Manning. Julian answered the questions so beautifully and factually that they had to pull the questioning midstream. I really hope the wikileaks party does well in the Australian elections but feel that the members that will be running will already be co opted.


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