Saturday, April 13, 2013

Joined ESPN Insider because of podcast between Simmons and Cowherd

My life on the blue pill is good and another step in the process is joining ESPN insider. Currently spend most of my time playing PVP with my Shaman while listening to ESPN podcasts. Two people I listen to the most are Colin Cowherd,  BS Report and Mike and Mike.

So when Cowherd and Simmons got together and I only listened to parts of the interview from the free podcast. I had to listen to the rest and Joined ESPN Insider. As usual I flipped the coin to determine if I should join. As I believe their may be some truth to the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. What better chance to have a life that that you want is by flipping a coin on major decisions.

As this life is what I have been dreaming for a long time. Staying home playing video games, watching my kids play sport and surfing the internet with little effort and a good quality of life. But some times I wonder if this is true, then how bad must be all my other lives as the film "prestige" comes to mind.

Anyway happy that Simmons and Cowherd have shelved their differences and I am sure that I will get value from being a member of ESPN insider.


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