Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revisiting the Apple vs Samsung verdict

After sleeping on the decision, I was going to rewrite my post Samsung vs Apple verdict but thought it was good to keep it as part of my thought process.

I have a feeling that Samsung knows what it is doing and this is part of their bean counting as one thing we know about Koreans is that they know how to game and this is part of their game theory strategy.

So first what is Samsung's definition of a win.  Their mission is "Inspire the World, Create the Future" Which if you look at it is what they are doing but they are creating a future on the back of giants one of which is apple.

Apple doesn't have a mission and the closest I could find from Tim Cook is "We believe we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.". The problem is the primary technologies that Apple is trying to control is the future of Technology. For me its limiting the functionality that I can bring to a software program which wasn't the case for writing programs on the PC.

Okay in terms of Game theory which moves do I think that Samsung has gamed for. I don't think they are gaming against Apple but for the best experience for users so will mean their products are more successful.

The moves expected in terms of mobile are

  • Copy the best hardware and then improve on it as now Galaxy S3 is better the iphone
  • Install best software and then improve on it e.g use touchwiz to copy good aspects of Iphone and now Jelly bean is equal or better then IOS 6 but their will be another two significant upgrades of Android before ios 7.
  • Increase market share of android devices so more people will develop for it and can have access to it.
  • Increase market share of android so people understand what apple is trying to take away from through litigation.
  • Cost of penalties for copying Apples models will not outweigh benefits of marketshare and especially user experiences with samsung products.
  • Divide and rule which means that Android punters support Samsung more then other Android suppliers e.g HTC, LG and Google

When I first head the judgement I was upset as I thought it was unfair and not good step of innovation in technology but thought it was good for Samsung. After doing this post I am sure the it is a good judgement for Samsung especially after appeals process has been completed.

For me its better for Samsung to drag this out as the more this goes on, the more negative sentiment Apple will get. There brand is significantly being destroyed by this action and the fine is only 0.2 percent of their market Cap.

Its now very hard now to be be an apple supporter in the IT Field especially if you are a logical thinker who is honest in their arguments.

An analogy  I just though of is what would happen if teams can patent they offences and defenses what would the NFL be like if only one coach was able to use the west coast offence or in basketball the pick and roll.  It does not progress the sport. 

Just look at the car industry which fight over patents all the time, has their industry progressed the same as other industries that don't have the same level off patent wars.


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