Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ron Paul GOP 2012

End of the year and one of the  most significant people in waking me up has a chance of winning Iowa in the GOP primaries.   Since the main streem media is now controlled by TPTB a good sign to to tell who they consider dangerous is how they treat them in the Media. Especially the pundits on both sides of the "left right divide".

I don't support a lot of Ron Paul's beliefs but know that his honest and not significantly controlled by TPTB. He also understands the real problems facing our future and I would rather have someone understanding the dangers we face then one contributing to further damage our future or even worse not understanding the dangers we are facing.

The only issue I have with Ron Paul is that he doesn't look or sound presidential. This is okay with me but not sure about his supporters. I have been reading a lot of daily kos, redstate and little green footballs lately and its seems that most hate comes from Republicans. Its funny to me how people worrying about racism, gay rights and abortion when what is currently happening is human rights are being curtailed by TPTB. What is the use of all these other rights when you main right of freedom is being lost.

The main benefit though is that more people will become awake as the media will now have to confront Ron Paul and what he has on his side is reality based arguments. I have always argued that if you have reality on your side its is much easier to argue positions.

One other factor that I have come to realize is when people stop sharing sacred values that civilization becomes a free for all and then a breakdown of society occurs. Ron Paul is trying institute a sacred value of following the constitution and I am sure if majority of actions start following the same rules it will be a major step in the right direction.

I was also happy that Martin Armstrong has endorsed Ron Paul. Armstrong is still one of the most accurate commentators out their. I have started reading Steve Keen who's ideas are more like me that any other commentator I have watched so far.

I have started purchasing physical silver and since I have started purchasing the spot price has reduced around 20% which I am happy about. It will mean I will be able to buy more physical silver. I believe the MF Global disaster will be a milestone in history when documenting the decline of western civilization.

Its amazing to me in that I have had one of the best years of my life but feel like that I am now the coyote in road runner that is running on thin air about to fall down. A better example is that scene in Inception where the van has crashed over the bridge and its on its descent. Question is which reality are we in?


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