Monday, October 17, 2011

#occupywallstreet Best News Sources

I have been really committed to the #occupywallstreet movement since its first week and am amazed at the progress, as it is growing exponentially. Amazing how the LA protest started with only a few people waving signs over a freeway and has turned into a real model of how members of the movement, local politicians and police can work together.

For me one of the main aims of the movement is to shine light on activities by TPTB are doing to create an unsustainable world. The first part is to actually get a significant number of people to believe that their is a group of people that have to much power and are not wielding that power in a sustainable way. We are nearly reaching a tipping point on that awareness.

I also suggest don't get distracted by the minions of TPTB unless your answer will shed more light to the abuse that you are arguing over.

Okay good sources for information to get new sources of information to disseminate are

  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Do a search on topsy for occupy
  • On facebook like all the "Occupy ?CitiesName?
  • On Google+ do a search for "occupy wall street" then add people to an occupy circle
  • Daily Kos

I really believe that we are building a movement that can have a significant affect on the direction on our movement. Good luck


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