Monday, September 26, 2011

occupy wall street social media

I have been following Occupy wall street and its been very interesting how it being covered by the media especially the social media.

I see these demonstration as potentially one of the most dangerous for TPTB and so naturally it has shown to me how much power their media has. My first understanding was limited to newspapers and the main tv channels. Which is demonstrated by them not covering this event even when protesters are being abused.

What is more interesting to me is how social media is being controlled by TPTB first example is in twitter how #troydavis was not a trending topic but other topics in relation to the event are. Best way to confirm this is to open up three different twitter searches and see how many new tweets are being updated. The next example is #occupywallstreet which has been having large number of new tweets but its not being shown in trending topics.

I know a lot of people access you tube clips by looking at most viewed you tube but the following clip of  wall street protesters being maced is not even in the top ten when its has easily the most view in the last few days

For me its its a good test how much influence TPTB have over your media source by how much coverage there is on the current protests in wall street. This event has also resurrected my faith in Daily Kos and confirmed my views on Zero Hedge and RT as more reliable news sources.


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