Saturday, August 20, 2011

Its never to late to change befliefs

It has been an interesting week, my wow subscription for a month has ended so can come back to reality and it has been good living with the blue pill.

One part of me I have always wanted was the ability to change my beliefs if I had better information that contradicted some of those beliefs. This was the case this week when I started researching Milton Friedman's you tube clips. I also went back and read Martin Armstrong's articles.

This experience has really changed my views and I can now have a better view from the other side as I was always had left leaning view but now  agree with the majority of Friedman and Armstrong's points that I consumed during the last week.

The man point I disagree with friedman though is the concept of not taxing corporate organisations. I understand the concept that organisations are people but the realty in large corporate corporations some of those shareholders don't live in your community, so they don't pay taxes on income from the organisation that have any benefit to the community where the organisation is functioning. This is a major case for global corporations.

This is not a good time to take the red pill but it really seems that a lot of other people are now taking the red pill and are actually seeing that mess that the world is in.

Its interesting to me that Armstrong has the same view as me that what has happened is that TPTB are no longer in control and what is happening is
"When you pull the curtain back, you suddenly find smoke  and mirrors with nobody in charge and the whole thing is really just a runaway train and there is no conductor. That is much more dangerous than some enlightened group with a plan"
That has been the gut feeling that I have had is that the people in charge has lost they ways and now we are in a runaway train that is going faster and faster.

To me the biggest problem for the western world is that a tipping point has been reached in people being to selfish, being less honest and value system has changed negatively for group benefit.

As I am homeschooling my boys I have just taught them natural selection and its going to be interesting so see what survives from this crash. For me it would also be interesting research to see how birth control has skewed the current population of decision makers and small families concept of collaborative effort.


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