Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Riots Whats not being reported

As Financial markets are crashing as the first stages of a financial reset, its the London riots that have got me out of Alterac Valley to post whats happening in London.

I watched an interesting skype interview where the Australian person said how when she came back to London last October she couldn't believe how attitudes have totally changed under Cameron's government. The austerity measures has caused a lot of resentment and poverty has really increased. What has happened is the welfare state had increased their expectations of being happy and once austerity measures have taken place those expectations are now not being met and jealousy starts to creep in. So instead of taking their frustrations out  on their xbox 360 as they can't afford the new games they get to do it in real life. They also have total lack of respect for the TPTB.

People saying that these kids are just thugs and criminals are missing the point of what is happening. Why are the attacking journalists its because they see  the journalist as part of the powers that be, not actually reporting truth but reporting what advertisers and government wants them to do. I wouldn't be supprised the people involved in student riots are also part of these riots.

Listening to another skype interview which seems to be reporting more truth then normal reporters which said that the crowd started cheering when the police came after looting for two hours. Meaning they wanted to confront the man. These kids are generation of "don't give a fuck" so attacking police to them is the same as destroying property which they see  as bringing them down compared to what they were used to, under a different government.

Media trying to put another spin on the story so when comments like "Well the bankers looted this country so what is wrong with young looting shops" are being aired the interview is being cut off. And they wonder why media is also being attacked in the riots.

Western countries can't afford a welfare state anymore, there has to be a reset, and for a tree to  grow they need to cut off some branches and to me this is part of that process.

Updated: Below is an example of how media will try and change story.

Current narrative is that all the looters are young teenagers when I am guessing their is a significant number or looter are made up of the 50% unemployed  black youths in UK


Blogger Rocketscienist said...

What “branches” do you think we need to cut? I believe we need to: 1) deconstruct the super-sized banking, (no such thing as “too big to fail”- the ship is made of iron and it will sink” 2) deconstruct industrial food farming, (check “polyfarms.com”) 3) deconstruct the military industrial complex (large military will always find a war) and 4) reduce our consumption economy (60% of our economy is consumer spending—buying crap)

12:02 am  
Blogger Rocketscienist said...

While I agree we are experiencing a reset and not only should things change or must they change, but they are changing for the better. I feel the capital inequity and reward system we currently have it broken and will change the question is how bad things are going to get and how long before we reach some stable form.

12:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrible and discusting behaviour ! There really is no excuse get a job and move on!

7:17 am  

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