Friday, June 10, 2011

Bill Simmons Grantland

Bill Simmons has created a new website called Grantland. I have been following Bill Simmons since around 2001 where he came into my radar writing an article comparing sports to my favorite film Rocky 3. I actually used to blog about his articles.

Things are different now as there a so many different things wanting our time. The reality is for us to watch something you have to take into account that you are giving up part of your life to do this activity. So when choosing a DVD, TV show, video game, youtube or article on the internet, it has to be special. Like the reality is I wouldn't read half the stuff I write on this blog.

Bill Simmons for me is my favorite writer on the internet. He is not good at picking winners in sporting events but he is good identifying good talent and subjects to write about. His best effort for sports journalism though has to be the 30 for 30 series and I am sure this effort will be okay to. The main question is will punters be willing to give up parts of their life to experience Grantland?


Blogger Rocketscienist said...

Ha, I've read Bill Simmons for years now. I am not really into sports, but find his blend of sports with pop culture excellent. His mailbags are the best. I will be sure to check out his new site.


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