Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What are inside 50 statistics for AFL

One of the main statistics being used by AFL teams are the inside 50 statsitics and then the conversion of the inside 50 into scoring opportunities.

So what is inside 50 statistics in the AFL?
In a football field there are 50 metre arcs that determine the inside 50 stat. The inside 50 stat is  the  entry from "outside 50" to inside 50 that counts. Not the possesions within the 50, once the ball goes out of the fifty and comes back in then it can be counted as another inside 50 statistics.

Ted Hopkins is one the best AFL statisticians and his comments on inside 50 are Shortly after the drawn
grand final, many pundits were willing to back St Kilda’s steely resolve for one more
week. But Hopkins wrote that the Saints would struggle in the replay if it continued to rely on its fortress
strategy. “If the Inside 50 count is anything like last week (St Kilda, 35; Collingwood, 62),” he wrote, “this time around the Saints will get run over in a stampede of opportunity".

So the question is how to do you get more inside 50's and for me the key are the centre bounce clearances and a teams half back line.


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