Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jake Locker replaces Vince Young

Vince Young 30-18 is being replaced by Jake Locker. Interesting times as Reggie Bush is about to be cut, I was the one that spent countless blog posts in saying that Vince Young should have been drafted over Reggie Bush at Texans.

Have to remember that Vince Young was offensive Rookie of the year in his first year and without VY the titans were 15-18. Will Jake Locker have better results?

Vince Young problems was not to continually improve and believing his own hype but the biggest mistake was being on the Madden Cover in which he has never recovered from.

His history at Titans can now only be considered as a coach killer. Rirst Norm Chow then Jeff Fisher.

Texans curse was not to choose Vince Young and this is their chance to redeem that mistake and if they are lucky they will also be able bring Reggie Bush into the Team. There has never been as much hype as the Bush/Young draft debate in Houston and by employing VY it will be a way the texans can end their curse and hopefully end VY madden curse.


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