Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have just read a really good article on how a group of fans got into Kendrick Perkins life. Their website is called perkisabeast.

From the site also watched Garnett interview who was saying how the loss of Perkins is like losing a family member not a workmate.

Bill Simmons father quote  “I was invested in Perkins. I sit 15 feet from their bench — I watched him grow up. I don’t think sports is always about winning and losing. We might be better, but right now, I don’t care. I liked the team we had. It doesn’t feel right that he’s not on this team.”

I am also like this in my sports sometimes its not winning the championship that matters its the performances. The jordan I grew to love was the one that struggled against the bad boy pistons.

 Its about your team and athletes facing adversity and then seeing the results and connection you have to your teams and players. There has been many times in my life where I would say that I would rather have this player in a team even if it cost the team a chance for championship. Amazing thing though keeping the player usually meant the team did better.

I can't see Boston winning the title this year and if they do it goes against my understanding of how googd performance is not only X,O's and the athletes that you have on the team.


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