Sunday, April 17, 2011

Salary Survey 2011 IT

Annual IT Salary Survey 2011 has been released by Techrepublic with interesting results.

Based on participants that took part in the survey, the Base Salary and bonus has decreased from 2010 to 2011.

For the participants that took part in salary survey for 2011 a siginificant reason of increase was to do with standard company increases and cost of living adjustments.

During my twenty years in the IT industry I never was that interested in getting certified in many different areas. Remember my first certification I turned down was the novell certification to my last was SAP certification. Which is interesting as I had four of my staff who never did any SAP certification and they are all working with SAP or SAP Business One.  Anyway based on the salary survey 2011Cisco certification is the way to go in terms of having a good base salary.

I am amazed that application programming is the second highest average salary where Business process is the most.

What the salary range is showing me is that participants with larger salaries have dropped

Salaries by Job role is what is expected where directors, consultants and managers get the most money. Interest is Quality control salary is more the programmers and analyst. But reality of project identifying bugs and making sure everyone is following the right part has a significant affect on  success of project.

Salary Survey 2011 for IT is interesting as I haven't looked at IT Salaries for awhile and especially the important of certifications. As network average is around seventy thousand but network professionals with cisco certification average around ninety thousand a year.   I have actually played a part in most roles being reported even working on cisco routers but really what is going to be the environment in 2012 and 2013 the way things are going.


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