Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ikea US factory lesson to other major companies

There is an interesting article in  that Ikea's US factory churns out unhappy workers. To me this is a lesson in why overseas companies should not move their companies to US until their is a significant change in the work culture.

Originaly the idea of Ikea building a factory in Virgina was welcomed but now the main complaints are

  •  Target of racial discrimination complaints
  •  Heated union-organizing battle and 
  •  Large turnover from disgruntled employees.

Workers are complaining that they have to do mandatory overtime, have to work on weekends and given lower positions because of their race.

This is funny to me as it show how attitudes in US has moved from work ethic based attitude to litigious and excuse based work culture.

If you were a large corporation the transport costs would have to be substantial before considering moving a company to US. But even then one very unlucky civil suit could wreck the company in US.


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