Friday, April 08, 2011

plant vegetable garden

More then a third of adults in Britain are planning to plant vegetable garden. I started growing my first vegetable garden three months ago. Main reason in growing a vegetable garden was that I wanted to learn how to plant vegetables and to save costs in feeding my family.

The main criteria in what I wanted to grow is stuff that we want to eat. So we are growing corn, potatoes, cabbage, peas, pepino, chili, pumkin, lettuce, eggplant, garlic and curry leaf tree. I also created a small herb garden with mint and parsley.

The corn, potatoes and pumpkin we planted from seed in garden but tomatoes and eggplants was transplanted from nursery once they have been grown. I tried transplanting carrots but they all died and from further reading you should plant straight into the garden.

So far the vegetables grown from seed seem to be better then ones that have got in pots.

One of the main keys is the soil which should be clear of any other plants and weeds. The key is to have subsoil that is not to hard so that roots can form. If the soil is infertile then mix ingredient to make it correct ph level for the plant to be grown. For our soil we mixed horse manure, ash and mulch into the ground. All our kitchen scraps also go into the ground to be decomposed into the soil.

I have also ripped up some lawn in the front hard to plant vegetables, which is something that doesn't happen around here. Lawn industry is still very powerful and Obama's found out how powerful when the put in the biggest vegetable garden in White house history. I have also planted some tomatoes next to front fence so passer byes can get some tomatoes if they want to.

Water is very expensive here so I use old rubbish bin to collect water and use that water for the plants. I am planting to have a raise bed next to driveway but cost of wood to create raised bed is to expensive at this point in time.

There is also issue about planting depending on seasons, but I am not following that method as I think seasons are all off due to global climate change.

I have also tried the method of companion vegetables where some vegetables grow better together like corn and peas.

Cabbage butterflies, weeds, slugs and snail are also wreaking havoc on some of the vegetables. There are many different natural ways of controlling these pests and they all take significant effort to do it. So I am following the natural selection method of pest control.

I don't believe one third of adults in Britian are growing vegetables but agree that to plant vegetable garden has so many positives especially in todays climate.

We have eaten zuchinies, chilie, potatoes and lettuce from our garden and even though it sometimes doesn't taste as good as ones from supermarket it just feels right eating the vegetables.


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