Wednesday, April 06, 2011

jobs in decline

As job market is getting more difficult is good to understand what jobs are in decline. The top five dying industries are listed below in which employment would be in decline for those types of jobs.

Wired Telecommunications Carriers
Percentage decrease: 54.9 percent

The proliferation of cell phones and AT&T's recent high-profile acquisition of T-Mobile might indicate the wired telecommunications industry is thriving but in fact it's declined in revenue yearly since 2000. The increasing popularity of wireless products and VoIP services like Skype may mean they are the future of the telecommunications business.

In Fiji we haven't had a wired telephone for nearly ten years and nearly eight mobile phones. In having software support with companies overseas we would usually use skype for voice communication.

Percentage decrease: 69.1 percent

Digital photography has all but decimated the friendly neighborhood photo developer in recent years. Digital cameras continue to drop in price with more and more consumers opting to upload their photos on Facebook or Flickr rather than print them for album collections. Over the last ten years almost 60 percent of Photofinishers have closed spelling tough times for previous industry leaders Kodak and Fuji Film.

The present I got for leaving my last job was a digital frame, can't remember the last time we actually got film developed.

Manufactured Home Dealers
Percentage decrease: 73.7 percent

Manufactured home dealers aren't the only ones in the Real Estate game that are struggling due to the housing crisis but they may have been hit the hardest. In a current market where new home sales are low and foreclosures widespread, manufactured home dealers' revenue has decreased by nearly three quarters since 2000.

Our house in our village were manufactured houses but from a lot of reading can see that there are so many houses that are vacant or being foreclosed. This has to be the biggest worry to an economy because for me the factor for growth is new buildings and homes.

Record Stores
Percentage decrease: 76.3 percent

Almost 80 percent of record stores across the country have shut up shop over the last decade. Internet file sharing and online music stores like iTunes have fundamentally changed the way people consume music. Many, including an angry Jon Bon Jovi, have been left to lament the loss of their local record shop.

I would say that Youtube has a significant effect on Generation z has my kids seem to be consuming a lot of their musing now on Youtube.

Only time get physical cds is through the library.

Apparel Manufacturing
Percentage decrease: 77.1 percent

While U.S companies still have the edge when it comes to branding, design and technology, competition from abroad is draining the life force out of the apparel manufacturing industry. Things are likely to get worse as overseas competitors catch up on other aspec

This may actually get better once the fuel prices increase to a tipping point and US dollar devalues so much to make it competitive to be able to produce apparel locally.


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