Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Uconn beats Butler in NCAA 2011 Championship

I am one of the 279,308 people that had Uconn winnning it all in my NCAA bracket. Didn't pick Butler but was blogging about VCU during the tournament. Last time followed NCAA was when noah was playing for Florida Gators.

Uconn was ranked 16 in Ken Pomeroy rankings are Butler more the 30. So the rankings needs more factors like  how smart the coach is and factor of believe of the players playing.

I picked Uconn because my gut was telling me to pick Uconn were rallying around their coach. Motivated athletic players with a smart coach is hard to beat in most sports. Funny thing is I don't like Uconn, I have always like teams where coach just rolls the ball out but  those teams don't usually win big tournaments.


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