Thursday, April 07, 2011

Government Shutdown 2011

As their is a possibility of government shutdown in 2011. The republicans in Congress are threatening to force a government shutdown on 8 April, 2011, if their plans to reduce the U.S. federal budget deficit is not resolved

In U.S. politics, a government shutdown is said to occur when the government no longer provides "non-essential" services. Typically, services that continue despite a shutdown include police, fire fighting, armed forces, utilities, air traffic management and corrections.

The last Government shutdown was in 1996 and from what I have read the shudown in 2011 will have the following affects

  • IRS Would Shut Down If Budget Not Passed
  • National Parks, Smithsonian Would Close
  • Cherry Blossom Festival Wouldn't Happen If Budget Not Passed
  • Roughly 800,000 Govt Employees Would Be Affected By Shutdown
  • EPA Permitting Would Stop If Budget Not Passed
  • Social Security Beneficiaries Would Continue To Receive Payments
  • Electronic Tax Refunds, Collections Would Continue
  • Military, Law Enforcement Will Continue To Function
  • Military Personnel Would Earn Paychecks, But Not Receive Them Immediately
  • White House Staffing Would Be Lower During Shutdown

The debate seems to be on Ryan budget cutting to many benefits. I believe both parties really are the same on major issues affecting the TPTB and squabble over issues affecting the majority of people. Doesn't matter we are all screwed and for me the trend downwards seems to be getting faster.

Drastic measure need to be taken to help global economies and I suppose at least what Ryan's budget is doing is asking for drastic action. But really if your only hope to delay the crash is to print more money why don't you at least make use of the money before it loses its value.

So here is hoping that everything turns out well if the us government shutdown 2011


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