Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NBA first round playoffs 2011

This has been one of the best NBA seasons ever and now we are down to the finals. I picked Uconn to win the NCAA so will see how I go with NBA first round playoffs 2011.

Below are the teams in first round of the NBA playoffs for 2011. I have bolded the ones I think will win.

Eastern Conference
Bulls Vs Pacers
Heat vs 76ers
Celtics vs Knicks
Magic vs Hawks

Western Conference
Spurs vs Hornets
Mavericks vs Grizzlies
Lakers vs Trail Blazers
Thunder vs Nuggets

Bulls Vs Pacers
Bulls are my team because of Michael Jordan and then Noah. I also like Pacers due to Larry Bird influence. I really hope Bulls go all the way and at least my argument that Noah is a good influence to a winning team could be proven correct.

Heat vs 76ers

I have always liked Wade but not Lebron especially after the decision. Lebron high school film was pretty good though. Heat going all the way would go counter to my arguments about champion team beating a team of champions.

Celtics vs Knicks
I have been following Celtics for the last few years and believe in ubuntu. I think ainge screwed up the trade that wrecked the team chemistry for Celtics. But I am on Shaq's side in the Kobe Shaq war and want him to win another title. Knick deserve a good basketball team as for me its the home of basketball that I like.

Spurs vs Hornets
I am a bDuncan, Parker and Ginobli fan. Spurs are best example of making a champion team and recruiting foreigners

Mavericks vs Grizzlies
Cuban has been a good influence of the NBA but his teams just can't win the big one. Good regular season team though.

Lakers vs Trail Blazers
Lakers are team I dislike the most in the NBA mainly because of Kobe. I think main reason was Kobe trying to challenge Jordan's legacy. I really liked Blazers previous manager and this is his team that is competing. Lakers should reach the Final.

Thunder vs Nuggets
I am sure Durant will handles the playoffs but don't think they have the team to make it all the way.

I don't have gut feeling of who will win the NBA finals but really the NBA first round playoffs 2011 will be a good indicator, especially to see if the Celtics are for real or not.


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