Monday, May 09, 2011

free e cards

We have just spent mothers day here so I am interested in free e cards.  So checking the different sites that offer free e cards

123 Greetings
The best site I have checked in which has upcoming events and most popular e cards with a wide range to select from. The site is a bit congested but compared to the other sites I have checked it best in getting what you want to do

Blue Mountain
Automatically plays clip and ask for google gears functionality so did not go any further.

You need to be part of subscription to use their e card so did not go any further

As we don't have much income in the house. What we did in our household is create a gift card for my wife and mother. The gift card includes our names and three blocks of 20 minutes in which they can assign jobs for us. So far my wife haven't assigned jobs for us but y my mum has assigned jobs for all six of us in the Gift card and mine is going to take longer then 20 minutes e.g retrieve information from hardrive of computer that has broken down.

I think it would have been much better if I just sent free e cards.


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