Friday, May 06, 2011

Silver prices crashing

Silver prices seem to be crashing as its has dropped around 33% in the last few weeks. Below is silver prices for the last year which is pretty amazing as you don't see a major fall like that unless there are fundamental reasons.

My papers have still not be processed so I still can't access my funds so hope prices will crash further so that I can take advantage of the prices. What caused the crash for silver was the Chicago Mercantile Exchange raised margin requirements five times in more then one week.

Really people who know they are are playing in a rigged shouldn't complain its the people that don't know that I feel sorry for.

The real game is physical stuff so buying real silver and real assets not financial instruments that can be easily manipulated. I think this crash is good for the people who want to protect themselves in the future by buying physical silver. Funny my gutt was telling me that $40, 50 was to expensive to buy in the last few weeks but when I get access to my funds, the using majority will be in physical silver whatever the price as the fundamentals of economies and people attitudes are still for negative for both the planet and economy.


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