Thursday, May 26, 2011

Climate Change 2011

I read an interesting survey that was shown on tv that says that nearly 30% of the public in Australia don't believe in Climate change in 2011. I have written a post about all natural disasters in 2011 which shows that this year is totally different to others years in the number of natural disasters we have had this year.

Climate change is defined as a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. It may be a change in the average weather conditions, or in a change of the distribution of events around that average (e.g., more or fewer extreme weather events).

Due to the power of words the biggest problem people have had with changes the earth has had is the syntax of calling it global warming. When really it should be a word that reflects how we have not treated the earth badly and because of the treatment the earth is changing in a negative way for us people.

I have seen lobby PR people on TV and internet argue against Climate change but I think this is important that it is so serious now that we all have to understand that we have exploited the worlds resources and now have to understand that our quality of life will have to be harder for us going forward if we want to live sustainable. Saying jobs are more important then addressing climate change is short term thinking that is being fueled by live for now meme.

One thing after coming back to Australia is that I have seen how people follow the rules much more then twenty years ago. The trick to this has been making the consequences of bad action very expensive in terms of fines. So when I talk about significant consequences I mean consequences that affect them financially because the reality is that financial incentives is one of the biggest human causes of climate change.

Climate Change 2011 where to for now

  • Significant consequences for people/companies that promote the idea that there is no climate change due to human  influences for financial benefit
  • Significant consequences for people/companies that use products/services that increase the chances of climate change.
  • Significant benefits for people that develop/create technologies/products that have positive effect on climate change
  • Standardized formula's of identifying what products/service effect on climate change which can be used to determing benefits and consequences of peoples actions
  • The value of sacrifice for the common good to be promoted in the media and education.

There are going to be things that we will need to do that will have negative effect on climate change but they will have to be much more expensive to produce.

Amazing I have just talked myself into a carbon tax as a method of reducing climate change for 2011.


Blogger Rocketscienist said...

Excellent post. I would also mention that your statement about "jobs vs environment" being short term thinking is very true. I recommend "the watchman's rattle" for the discussion on complexity and problem solving.

I also avoid the gobal warming "science" discussion by talking about pollution from our current energy usage and the increased costs of reaching fossil fuels. The resource, while still available, is getting more costly to reach.

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