Tuesday, June 07, 2011

israel palestine refugees killed

Yesterday Israel killed 23 Palestine refugees and seriously injured hundreds of people trying to walk back to their land that was stolen from them around forty five years ago. The people had no weapons and were walking toward the fence when they were snipered.

How the above was allowed to happen and main media news is how Weiner text pictures of himself say's how the western world is really screwed. What ever happened with the concept of collective good, fairness and sanctity of life. These meme's were a key part of Jewish life and western development and to see how Israel has become one of the worst examples in corrupting these meme's is really disturbing for me.

The biggest issue Israel will face is when the power shift's and refugees return back to their homeland. As it will hard for people to act fairly when they have seen their families members killed in cold blood.

Something is really wrong when the people known for fairness, social responsibility and humane treatment are now acting so ruthlessly and inhumanly.


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