Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cameron Pedersen Needs to Start

In supercoach one of the main gambles I have done is to put Cameron Pedersen in my team even though he doesn't seem to have job security. So I am pretty biased in this post for selfish reasons but doesn't mean its not true.

North Melbourne have been struggling and have even been beaten by Brisbane Lions. How can you create a good side if you don't have bad consequences for bad play and good consequences for good play.

One of the oldest strategies in Aussie Rules football is if you team is going badly you drop non performing players and pick the players that are doing well in reserves. Don't try and be to smart about it, people losing their positions for bad performance and picking people for good performance is one of the best tools a coach can have. If you screw that up by not being fair and picking the best performer's in the reserves then players start having to think to much of what is required to lose you sport and gain your spot. Keep it simple

Cameron Pedersen has been killing it in the reserves and deserves to be picked in the main side. The football god's don't like it when you screw with one of the main principles of Footy.


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