Saturday, May 28, 2011

Does Scottie Pippen belong in the Top Fifty

After Scottie Pippen has just commented that Lebron James is a better basketball player the Michale Jordan, I think it gives me opportunity to evaluate Scottie Pippen's true worth a one of the best players of all time.

I have always considered Pippen as similar value as James Worthy to Magic Jonhnson,  Manu Ginobli to Tim Duncan or Kevin Mchale to Larry Bird. So never really understood why he was in the top fifty players of all time when he wasn't the best player on his team. I would consider him in the top 200 though.

The real argument of Pippens worth is the years without jordan which was between 1993 to 1995. Pippen had good statistics but a lot of players outside Top fifty have had better statistics for one year. But the true value of the player is that he wasn't the most important player in the team during that period or why would Jerry Krause try and trade him for Shawn Kemp in 1994 so that he could put Toni Kukoc in his position.

What would motivate a manager to trade a top Fifty player in his prime?


Blogger Solo said...

Great point

In his autobiography MJ spoke about how Scottie was the type to play well in a pack but how Mike was the type to charge along, basically saying Scottie Isn't a leader or doesn't want that leadership roe. He's the best sidekick you could have but a leader? top 50? meh

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