Friday, July 22, 2011

Microsoft Skydrive First Impressions

I have just reset my account with Microsoft Live so that I can check out their Microsoft Skydrive and I really like it. I also see that Microsoft has put the ability to edit documents on the Web.

With 25GB of free space and a 100gb size limit it really will be useful as another backup. We have eight people in our house ranging from 12 to 75 and they are all using five computers connected to wireless. I am going to show this option to all our family as an online backup option. All we need now is software to be able to automatically manage this.

This brings up to the amazing situation in which we have used up our 50GB limit for the month and now applying for 150GB through our internet service. My first PC I bought only had 30Mb compressed and getting stuff off bulletin boards took ages. How times have changed

Xbox 360 and now the Skydrive its good to have positive feelings about microsoft again


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