Monday, June 20, 2011

Julia Gillard Karma

Its nearly one year since the Anniversary of Gillard dumping of Rudd. I understand that Gillard is not spiritual so she may not believe in the idea of Karma. But result of latest Nielsen poll on Saturday showed support for her Labor party at 27 percent the lowest first-preference share for a major party in the poll's 39-year history. The same poll of 1,400 voters showing 60 percent prefer him as leader to Gillard's 31 percent.

I think what has happened is the Australian Labour Party has lost its way. Just using my Family as an example we have been in Australia for the last six months and my kids who were attending high school can now no longer attend school because we don't have the right visa. This is the same high school that me and my brothers attended and they are now using our old house as the school music studio. When the school was in need we gave them my brothers room to be a classroom. Now my boys are not able to attend that school until immigration finishes processing our application. My boys grandmother and my mother is a fifth generation Australian and their grandfather is an Australian Citizen. Why should it take one year to decide if their grandchildren can go to school or not.When has it become acceptable to take more than one year to process a visa. This in itself creates bad Karma.

On the weekend my two boys captained their U/14 and U/12 Australian Rules football team, attended Youth Group and Church services. So they are fitting in well into Australian life, they are just missing out on School, which I think is important.

Julia Gillard main emphasis is supposed to be in education and Karma Gods don't like it when you don't stay true to yourself. Especially when it affects my kids.


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