Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis Really

I have been following the story of Troy Davis as I have always been interested in stories of Black people not being treated fairly. This is a suspect case in which 7 of the nine witnesses has recanted their story while the one of the witnesses that has kept his story is the one who lost the same model of the gun on the night of the shooting and is the first person to finger Troy davis. The first accuser has also told other people that he is the one that did the murder.

I found it fascinating that there is so much hype over this death of a potentially innocent black man when the reality is so many innocent men have been killed over the last year. i.e

  • Person that doesn't have enough insurance to get medical treatment to treat his illness.
  • Soldiers still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Death due to bean counters knowing that it will be cheaper to pay the random death then fix the problem with drug/machine/activitiy
  • Death through people living in a climate of fear instead of climate of cooperation

People find it hard to understand about other innocent deaths while the execution of Troy Davis just brings up old would of old injustices in the south. I am also disturbed that with so much doubt they can at least change the consequences to life imprisonment.


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