Thursday, September 01, 2011

PAGE Pan Asia Gold Exchange

I have just been reading about PAGE which is the Pan Asia Gold Exchange. The mission of PAGE is to create an over the counter (OTC) gold market in china and then integrate it with the world market. PAGE is located in Kunming, China.

Below is a good interview on how PAGE will affect gold prices going forward.

The biggest difference between China compared to the western world is that they can create 20 year plans while western countries are really dependent on election cycles which makes it hard for long term plans as new party will always say that the last party plans were wrong.

The biggest advantage that the USA has is the US dollar being used for transaction in oil. For me I see the opening of the PAGE as one of the milestones in reducing US advantage and having more trade in Renminbi.

One of the main markets for PAGE will be the middle east. They are well know for being Gold bugs and when deciding between COMEX which is supposedly training at one phycial to 100 compared to one to  one this is a slam dunk for organisations moving from COMEX to PAGE

Internation trade in PAGE should begin in end of fourth quarter or beginning of 2012 and that's when I can see a real move in the Gold and Silver prices.

It also seems that China deals with developing countries in doing trades in local currencies instead of dollars has increased nearly 700% over the last year and they are also starting to get significant domestic demands for their products. So it seems that China is significantly reducing its risk when the western financials systems collapse.

I have always wanted a way to get into Chinese currency and it seems that this is going to be the simplest method that Chinese are going to use to let foreigners invest in Chinese Currency.

What does this mean for Pacific and US. The more I look into this the more I think Australia is not going to be badly affected as I thought, which is good for the Pacific. US is screwed though as they need a total reset in terms of values and financial system. PAGE will be seen as one of key factors in that move to a financial reset.


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