Friday, September 23, 2011

Latest Destablizations

Just had to post something as this week seems that there are so many things going wrong, especially in the US.

First a potentially innocent man (Troy Davis) being executed by the state of Georgia. This is will have a significant affect on perceptions of fairness and justice.

The second is Obama is going to Veto Palestine being recognized as a state in the UN. This reaffirms the Middle East view of Obama is just like all the previous presidents and in my opinion can be a significant factor in more problems in the Middle East

Obama stating that he will increase the taxes for richest people in USA. This will cause a significant affect by the richest people in USA who have a significant amount of power. I still haven't got my head around what affect that will be.

The Federal Reserve Bank is trying to create a stimulus when majority of what was baked into stock prices was a QE3. So far their has been a sell off of everything stocks, commodities, gold and silver.

Real signs of how media has been controlled by TPTB when "Troy Davis" was not a trending topic in twitter and lack of reporting on occupy wall street.

How the demonstrations in Wall Street has been servery curtailed and seem to have less rights then what demonstrations in Middle East countries with dictators. I think what is happening with this small demonstration is what if affecting me the most. It can also be the most dangerous for USA going forward if it becomes mainstream.

Everything happens in cycles and usually when things go wrong a lot of things go wrong at the same time. I have got a feeling that this week will be seen as a significant week in history when documenting the regression of western society


Blogger Rocketscienist said...

George, I agree that it has been a surprising week. I too was saddened by the handling of Troy Davis. Equally by the number of people who discount that the burden of proof is on the prosecution and three facts 1) that a potentially innocent man was wrongfully executed, 2) a guilty cop killer may have gotten away Scott free and 3) that the costs involved in capital punishment make it cheaper to just jail someone for life.

As a fan of “the innocence project” and having read their book that details the shortcomings of our legal system I fall on the side on eliminating capital punishment.

It will be interesting to see where the Occupy Wall Street protest goes. It has been only getting bigger. With the number of people out of work and as long as it stays peaceful it will continue. Can it organize? Will definite actions come about? I am starting to believe.

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