Friday, September 30, 2011

#occupywallstreet I believe

For the first time in a long time, I am starting to believe that we may be able to solve the worlds problems and its mainly through the movement being created by #occupywallstreet. As I blogged before #occupywallstreet could be potentially the biggest risk to TPTB by people. The other main risks being the financial meltdown and nature.

We are going in the wrong path and our leaders are being controlled by the wealth of the 1%. I don't blame the leaders as it is a process of natural selection that has got them to where they are, where greed by the 1% has been the selector. The majority of our leaders are also part of the 99% and are doing just what is natural to them.

For me #occupywallstreet is the beginning of a movement that may be able to reduce affect of 1% in selecting our leaders which will hopefully address in real ways our environment and prosperity

The following is a link to occupy together which may be a hub to all the occupy movements

A few days ago I checked facebook for occupy groups and couldn't find any now there is a lot for each city around the world with growing members. This movement is really growing, the interesting thing will be how TPTB will try and co-opt it. From what I can see the first way will be to try and label it as a leftist movement when its actually a 99% movement for majority of people not just one brand of politics.


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