Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ray Dalio Martin Armstrong #occupywallstreet

On the weekend I listened to an excellent podcast from Martin Armstrong which just confirms that we are in an economic collapse. I am amazed that in the last month my outlook and view have been changing with more good information.

As my philosophy is that I will continuously change my view, if I find better information, examples and logic that supports the change. Joining the #occupywallstreet movement has given me a platform to test my understandings of whats happening in the world and also hopefully add some awareness so that we get closer to reality.

One of my favorite posts since I started blogging was my understanding of the powers that be it was a fascinating learning experience for me in creating that post and it affected some of my understanding of what is happening around us. I am really pleased that a lot of that information was confirmed by a  study in new scientist. My views have changed a little since then but I won't post it until I have a better grasp on how the machine works.

Which brings up to the second interview that I read that has given me hope. I believe that Ray Dalio model is showing that we are in real trouble so he is trying to start conversations in getting ways to fix the machine, so that we can live in a sustainable world. His view is  “Nature is a machine. The family is a machine. The life cycle is like a machine.” His constant goal, he said, was to understand how the economic machine works".  His method to fix our mess is for people to first understand what the machine is and the parts of the machine. As you first have to understand how the machine works before you can come up with ideas how to fix it. Otherwise you will be just addressing the defects that the machine is producing.

His interview also is strengthening my view that machine is now out of control as the people working in the machine are not maintaining it and are more interested in the goods produced by the machine.

I think the first thing for me to do is to create a blog post on what I think the machine is, then I will be in a better situation to bring awareness to the machine.

This just brings up one of the major factors that got us into this mess, was the people in power who didn't realise how the machine worked i.e derivative market are the ones that cause a lot of the financial mess we are in.

Its like what I have told my family its like the ocean liner has gone off the waterfall and we are on our way down, What can we do?

This is really really hard but we have to do it, man the more I think about the future, the more dire it looks to me. To many greedy people and not enough resources.


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