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Who are the Powers That Be - TPTB

The Power That Be are also referred to as invisible hand, Elites or Machines as described in the Matrix Analogy. So who are The Powers That Be (TPTB) that are threatening our world.

From my readings on the internet the majority of people who have taken the red pill would say Banks, Military Complex, Six Main Media Companies and Seven Sisters (oil) are TPTB and think their is a small group of people pulling all the strings. I think it is more complicated then that

I can use natural selection for a lot of arguments and have used it for religion and think that has an affect on how the power that be have developed.

TPTB first started of as a small number of families that had large control over companies and organisations and ideologies but now these companies, organisations, ideologies and structures have taken more control on what is happening as more people have more control in the way things run.

The elite for the last 100 years has always had a significant affect but things started to go wrong once they started to actively take power as instead of controlling the politicians e.g George Bush Snr and i think that is when things started to go wrong. It has gotten to complicated for a small number of people to control the machines as complexity of controlling people has got harder while TPTB have got bigger and more complicated.

I don't believe the people in the power positions has wished it has gotten so bad but they are in the fight-flight response so not thinking rationally.

Military complex is the defensive mechanisms of TPTB but for it to be ready it needs to constantly train and have access to the best weapons.

Banks are the key in supplying what is needed to keep people producing things to support the TPTB. Debt is used to create things to motivate people while organisations like IMF is used to get more people to be able produce things for the companies under control of TPTB.

Courts, Politicians and Police are used to keep people on the right path in producing for the Company.

Media is used to motivate people in producing more products so that they can acquire things to make themselves happier but is also used for communicating to people what path should be taken and to distract them from what is actually happening to them.

Through Natural Selection the current masters have been able to take more control through choosing polititicans, judges and types of laws that are enacted and reducing the rights of the people. But this has led to bigger and more complicated machine which needs more energy to run and control of the machine is more complicated.

The worst case scenario for me is the main people of influence on the TPTB are ones pulling the Aipac type policies, if so we are really in trouble. Reason I am saying this, is you can see in the last twenty years how irrational some of the actions of Israel has been and can see them sacrificing a lot of the workers for the perception of their own safety.

My gut feeling is that there is less then one thousand people that have real control on the direction and ideologies and companies policies are having more influence then what was originally planned.

When I talk of TPTB am talking about US influenced machines I have no idea of the elites running in China or Japan but am guessing they have got caught up in this web.

I also think what has happened is program has been so good that it has corrupted the offspring of the main influencer's of THPB and so the new kids are lost in how to control it but more interested in the benefits that was used to control the people. So the structures, organisations, ideologies and companies it has created are now in control.

The main concept of control is the concept of getting people to do what TPTB want to what needs to be done. I think a lot of people are getting confused as they are not sure what they want to what they need to do now.

Main problem I see is that people are seeing so many lies that are being accepted they have trouble believing what is true. Every time a lie is is identified as a lie by a significant number of people then it is another bug in the program. There are currently, to many bugs in the program.

People have to take back control and stop feeling that this is all part of the world is about to end meme that I am guessing has infected some of the people that used to be in control.

If we follow the matrix analogy its either everything will have to be reset or the Machines and People who have taken the red pill will have to take control of Mr Smith (Debt/TPTB Companies)

But again who are the people that have the most influence on the machines. As people are part of organisations, ideologies and shareholders and how do we give them the red pill.

The Main Companies are

Company Name

Primary Industry

Revenue (US$billions)


capitalization (US$ millions)

Cap / Revenue



Saudi Aramco

Oil and gas






Khalid A. Al-Falih

Exxon Mobil

Oil and gas






Rex W. Tillerson,


Oil and gas






Jiang Jiemin,

General Electric







Jeffrey Immelt,


Oil and Gas






Alexei Miller

China Mobile







Wang Jianzhou


Information technology






Steve Ballmer

AT&T Inc.




$ 231,168.00



Randall L. Stephenson

Royal Dutch Shell

Oil and gas






Peter Voser

Procter & Gamble

Consumer goods






Robert A. "Bob" McDonald








Mike Duke, $12.44M


Oil and gas






José Sérgio
Gabrielli de Azevedo,

Berkshire Hathaway







Warren Buffett, $308.00k

Interesting I checked the main shareholders of all the main US companies and their was a consistent number of major shareholders in all the companies and that are the same. The shareholders are below when Vanguard and State Street seems the most prominent. But I think Capital Group Companies is the one that has the most control.

  • Vanguard Group, Inc. (The),
  • State Street Corporation,
  • Blackrock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.,
  • Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation,
  • Berkshire Hathaway, Inc,
  • Wellington Management Company, Llp
  • Blackrock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.

Of the companies above which are not private, you can see the main shareholders are each other. So really the main companies major shareholder would actually be the main influences of the above company if we were able to find that information out.

As actions speak louder then words and I cant get any information on who is in the Board of Capital Group and anything on its bosses Philip de Toledo and John Emerson. If you read comments about staff that left Capital it seem new management has taken over and its in chaos which kind of reflects whats happening in USA at the moment.

Below are some names, who I think may have an influence in the current direction we are going.

  • Rupert Murdoch - Media
  • Charles G. Koch - Oil
  • Warren Buffett - Finance
  • Sumner Redston - Media
  • T. Boone Pickens - Oil and Finance
  • Ned Johnson - Finance
  • Cargile - Agriculture
  • Michael Bloomberg - Control of New York
  • John Henry Bryan, Board Member of Jr - Sara Lee, Goldman Sachs, General Motors, British Petroleum, and Bank One.
  • H. Lee Scott, Jr - Board member of Goldman Sachs and Walmart
  • George Bush Snr - Not Sure
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdulla El-Erian - PIMCO IMF
  • John Brennan - (Vanguard CEO)

Below are the people that are doings gods work and hope they understand we and the environment are all god's children.
  • Lloyd Blankfein
  • Rahm Emanuel
  • Timothy Geithner
  • Stephen Friedman
  • Philip de Toledo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how I ended up here, I believe I was looking for Matrix images, but you have not taken a red pill that opens you up to reality. You are living inside your own matrix of delusions, ascribing motives to men's hearts without a shred of evidence (unless your evidence is rich people have the most stake in major American corporations, and that's not evidence of malicious intention, it's only evidence of money. Why would anyone expect the opposite?) Then I read who your saviors were: Rahm Emanuel and Timothy Geithner?! That shows your true disconnect from reality. Along with Obama, these men have emboldened Big Business by creating an atmosphere that encourages the largest and most powerful corporations to lobby for favors from Big Government. This is crony capitalism, and it rewards conformity and cowardice while punishing companies who aspire to operate free from government influence for the benefit of their Main Street customers. In the end, it is not Big Business that is hurt by this neo-fascism, it is choice and competition in the marketplace. This is bad for the consumer, bad for employment, bad for freedom, and bad for small businesses, who find themselves being "regulated" out of existence by their more powerful competitors.

2:20 am  
Blogger George said...

I agree i could be inside a matrix of my own delusions where I consider the evidence is wars for for oil, use of IMF to expand globalisation, advertising/media to motivate people for more trinkets that they don't need, easy access to debt to put them in debt so that they have to work more then they need etc.

Interesting how you misread my last statement in which i consider some of the post powerful people in TPTB are actually saviours. The comment was in relation to Llyod Blankfein saying he is doing God's work at Goldman Sachs. My point is some of this people in TPTB actually believe what they are doing is good for their particular brand of religion or patriotism

8:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really, I always thought The Meaning of Life was 42 and/or Twitter. Brilliant, thank YOU really. GAZ

7:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Author is right.

One world order...bankrupt the world, only to conquer, then extermination of the non elites.

3:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The plan is to limit reproduction, consolidate wealth, and reduce the worlds population down to 500 million. For the sake of humanity's survival. Tough love!

10:55 am  

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