Saturday, August 04, 2007

Electronic Gadgets

My father is staying with us for a few weeks and be brought a digital camera. I have never been very interested in geting a digital camera. This brought up the idea of the number of digital gadgets we have in the house compared to say 10 years ago.

Ten years ago we were living in flat with no fridge, phone, washing machine and it was around that time that i finally purchased a tv with espn. Our main electrical appliance was an iron and stereo.

I was walking around town yesterday trying to find a place to save digital images to disk when i realised how many gadgets I had on me which brought up this idea of how things have significantly changed over the last ten years for us.

Currently in the house we have nine people staying in our two bedroom flat and have
6 mobile phones
1 personal Computer
1 notebook
2 game controllers
1 Video ipod
noise reduction headphones plus assorted ear phones
4gb usb drive
External Hardrive
Digital Camera
memory Cards
Wireless internet access
DVD player
Sky Tv
Eazytel Phone
Washing machine, Fridge and assorted kitchen electrical appliances

The most amazing change I think is in terms of communication with so many mobiles, phone, skype, emails and messaging.

It has been an interestign journey going form all the standard gadgets in Australia to only having an iron to now having so many gadgets that its hard to remember and we dont have enought time to use.

So what has changed
Access of the internet is now at home instead of at work
Watch DVD movies instead of vhs movies
Watch bittorrent tv series instead of renting oversead tv series on vhs
Personal phone calls is still the same which is hardly any

I have much less time to do things so there must be a significant change. I also feel the quality of life is much better now then before so i think its all for the good


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Where did you get the name "Kalouvou" from? I have it too as my family name.

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