Monday, July 02, 2007

Iphone Alienware

Here I am stuck in fiji thinking how can I purchase and activate an iphone in Fiji. While I was catching the bus today I was actually thinking I would rather have an iphone then my old x-trail. So how has apple hype affected me so much.

I love science fiction and when I was a kid the thought of a small rectangular piece of glass that has all the functions and beauty of an iphone would be something akin to flying cars. Especially the touchscreen part with video that is the killer for me.

I have already blogged that for Microsoft to move forward they would need to come up with a device that is a similar concept of the iphone and its seems they have missed the boat on this.

Some other ramblings on the iphone.

The major fanboys seems to be people related to podcasts which seems logical as it can really open up their market.

Iphone missing Chat application and use their own songs ringtones is overrated and the beauty and potential killer applications from the iphone are underrated.

The value of songs in an iphone are overrated and Podcasts underated going forward

I can see the iphone being the main tool in terms of media access, communication, simple computer but not sure how it will fit into gaming.

Iphone will be the biggest factor in the decline of newspapers and magazines. The value of portable reader with eazy access to the latest information is huge.

Interesting that the apple iphone debuted the same time as an deathbead confession concerning aliens from Roswell from the army information officer. You would have to say this is the best product that has come from that ship, what i remembered reading is that their gear is in the tetrahertz range so we still have a fair way to go:)

So how do a get an iphone to work in Fiji???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YO WATS UP?..i dunno who this is but yea i am fijian and i bought a iphone from NYC the day it came out and i unlocked it the day iPhone Dev released the unlock...yes i am crazy for iphone so went to States to buy it and be the first one in fiji to have a unlocked iphone in fiji....

heres the link, the day i unlocked it i posted it on engadget

n here ma website : go to ma babe

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