Saturday, June 30, 2007

2007 NBA Draft

The following are my thoughts of 2007 NBA draft

First time I watched the NBA draft in many years and it was good tv experience.

Oden doesn't look that tall for a dominating centre.

Durant won't have a better rookie year then Lebron even though Hollinger has him

rated higher.

I am still not sold on Al Horford is the third best player in this draft. Difference between conley and parker is that parker is an overseas player, playing in a good organisation with Tim Duncan. That could be a big difference when comparing conley's development.

I have a feeling that Yi is going to be traded to Golden State but only if Yi stays strong in not playing for the bucks.

First crack in Noahs armour was when Brewer was selected ahead of him.

I like the Boston trade, reward someone that wants to play for boston and try and win now. Boston has seemed be developing team for to long time. Davis makes it a good draft for Boston. Boston will only be relevant again when it gets a winning team that get veterans to play their at a minimum. They really are going to have to go the international route to succeed going forward. To many good black players don't want to play at Boston.

No bad comments against Jordan as we named my son after him.

Chicago was my favorite team an it is again with Noah playing there. Will make the team better but I got a feeling he will be used in a trade with Phoenix. Actually the last time I was into a draft this much was when the bulls drafted stacy king and bj armstrong. Seemed stern was happy to see noah as he sees he is going to be good value for the brand.

On the knick trade, I had the feeling that portland where going to get rid of Zach for nothing so at least got something. Francis is not a portland type of player so expect him to get traded for future draft picks.

Portland had the best draft and show how much Paul Allen likes being part of the game. Pritchards strength is identifying talent so excellent move in giving him more opportunities. When they drafted Green and Mcroberts I think will follow Portland as well as whatever team Noah ends up in.

Spurs drafting for continuity again. It will be interesting what international players will come in this year after finishing the poison pill contracts

No question this draft is deeper then Lebron's class but I wouldn't bet that it has the same level of superstars.

I am actually interested in watching NBA regular games again, mainly portland and chicago and thats a good thing as I will be following this group going forward.

I think drafting of the Florida and Ohio players help my argument on the strength of the Florida Gators team.


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