Thursday, February 08, 2007

Joakim Noah should be the number one Draft Choice

I blogged about Joakim Noah last year and had him and the number one choice going into the NBA draft. Interesting majority of media commentators are now saying that there are only two choices for the Number one draft choice which is Oden and Durant.

I think people are forgetting again the way the NBA has moved forward in that the teams that succeed are the team orientated ones. The time of the prima donna's is over and can be seen by how Kobe is significantly changing his games to meet the new era.

I think their is a good argument that Oden and Durant are better basketball players then Noah but I would choose Noah because he will bring more value to a team. Noah reminds me of Tim Duncan but with more energy while Durant reminds of Garnett/T-Mac, Oden just looks like a man amongst boys which doesn't mean that advantage will translate the same in the NBA.

I hope Noah meets Durant in the NCAA and we will see how many of these commentators still feel the same way.

After watching Durant play, it looks like I have this wrong and Durant may be a once in a lifetime player, only problem that I see is his build but he is only 18 and should fill out.


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