Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baseball Hall of Fame 2007

A new article from bill simmons on the Baseball Hall of Fame has nearly all the talking points that I agree with and is one of his best articles.

The majority of Hall of Fame voters seem old school and seem to see things through rose coloured glasses which doesnt match reality. Another reason why NFL is a stronger brand then baseball is that they will let people like Lawrence Taylor in the Hall of Fame because of his actions on the field and not his actions on the field.

Mark McGwire was the one that got me interested in Baseball when he was one of the Bash Brother and made Oakland A's my Favourite team. I then lost interest after the strike and he brought me back in when chasing the record and especially the race with Sammy Sosa.

Baseball owes McGwire alot and the way its has treated him is really a disgrace. To me its just another nail in the coffin for the irrelevance of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

From watching ESPN and reading sports article you can tell what side a writer/presenter is on the Debate by the age of the writer/presenter.

To make the Baseball Hall of Fame relevant
1. McGwire and Rose should be included in the Hall of Fames
2. Internet writers should have voting rights


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