Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bill Simmons following Soccer

Pigs must be flying first the US basketball team is going team based approach and now Bill Simmons is going to follow English Premiership league soccer.

I still have the soccer bug after the world cup. Ended up betting $500 on Australia advancing to the second round and $500 for Germany to win the world cup. I have never lost a big bet and the germany loss was my first, but as they both bets were on the same ticket and I came out significantly ahead I will call it a win.

Going back to Bill Simmons, I blogged what needed for Soccer to be become more popular in the US and having the most popular US sports writer following a soccer will be a significant step in that direction.

To still be relavent to his audience Simmons needed his punters to invest time and understand what he will be talking about going forward. So the best way was use a vehicle of choosing a team and explaining the pros/cons of each of the different EPL teams was a really smart move. So the punters will be able to relate to his comments on the competition going forward.

The Spurs choice was a left field choice for me but I am a wolverhampton fan so that doesnt say much for me but in the EPL I usually follow the team with the most black players and lately I have been following arsenal. But I change pretty regurlarly though but teams I wouldnt follow are Everton, Chelsea and Villa.

Anyway I wonder what the real reason Bill Simmons is now writing about Soccer, could the hint be that his boss follows tottenham spurs a hit how is being forced to right about soccer.

The response about not writing sport movie review anymore is lame


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