Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kidnapped Soldier from Israel

My optimisim for peace in the Middle east is taking some blows as the Taliban is showing up again, Iraq situation is not getting better and now the Palestinians have kidnapped an Israeli Soldier which has led to raids in gaza.

The reality checks is if the soldier was killed in a suicide bomb than it wouldnt be such a big deal but the opportunity of the soldier still being alive creates stronger public anger and world sympathy to israel's retaliation. I have only a few problems with Israels actions while the soldier is being kidnapped because it seems that the majority of people being affected supports the kidnapping. I heard palestinan commentators trying to justify the kidnapping and it seems totally out of whack with normal world views.

I think what has happened is that Hamas knows it can't govern without world support so is muddying the waters with this action. I can't see Hamas getting re-alected with the way things are going. Best way forwared for palestinians is to go a peace approach and eat whatever spikes the opposition puts in its path otherwise the path will be longer and their will be more deaths from more spikes

Hamas needs to recognise Israel but in my experience in the end the indigenous people of Isreal will have to be compensated for the losses like the maories in New Zealand. Their is no doubt in my mind that this will happen within the next generation.

Interesting side note why would israel bomb EU funded projects like the power plants in Gaza? Because to get more funding for rebuilding, Hamas will have to accept EU policy of accepting israel as a state!!.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes George, it is a tragedy what is happening in the Middle East. Nothing new seems to be happening. Even thousands of years ago there was tribal fighting, arguments about territories, and murder. Is it possible that there will be a David who can challenge Goliath and win? Israel seems to be Goliath these days.

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