Saturday, June 10, 2006

Free Online Spreadsheet from Google

Google has released a Web-based spreadsheet application and is available on a limited basis.

Interesting that the spreadsheet is available to the public before googles online word processing "writely". So google is now building the products to threaten microsofts crowns jewels.

I have used the Google spreadsheet for a few days and have my issues list of my projects on it. I work with external organizations and the best part of the Google Spreadsheet is the ability to share the spreadsheet with other users in different organisations and limiting certain staff to editing or viewing. It will be interesting how that pans out in the next few weeks.

I have stopped using specialised functions a long time ago so the spreadsheet suits my needs where the only limiting factor is the speed of opening some files and ability to use it on client sites with no internet access. We will be implenting 3g internet access here soon so that will not be an issue for me soon.

I think Googles Spreadsheet will take a signficant part of the Excel market but the takeup is going to be slow. One interesting comment that I have read is that average punters dont know about a lot of the products that Google have developed, so I expect the dissemination of Googles products is part of their guerilla marketing strategy

I think googles market staregy is losing its effectiviness as Google has a significant number of users whose perception has changed due to Googles China strategy, have been scarred by being banned by adsense and Googles Customer Service.

In my experience its very hard for very intelligent people to give good customer service in areas where the customer has significantly less knowledge in the issue at hand.

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Anonymous Terry said...

Google Spreadsheets is a pretty cool service but it can't generate charts from the online data. An AJAX service, Jacuba Charts will do this. Now if only the two services could work together

4:41 am  

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