Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oprah Winfrey vs Ludacris 50 Cent and Ice Cube

An article on how rappers are not being represented in the Oprah winfrey show.

Rappers Ludacris and 50 Cent have dissed Oprah Winfrey. Now, Ice Cube has a beef with the talk show queen. A classic example is when Oprah invited Cedrick the Entertainer and Eve on her show but not Ice Cube for the film Barbershop

The argument is that oprah has rapists, child molesters and lying authors on her show but not rappers.

My take on this issue is that Oprah winfrey is one of the biggest brands in entertainment and she must already have focus groups on potential shows and I am guessing that rappers wouldnt rate will.

I think the problem is if Oprah does invite rappers she will have to tackle the issue that gangsta rap
  • Portrays criminals as role models
  • Reduces the meme of following the law
  • It reduces the value of life
  • It can be racist and sexist
  • Promotes the meme that violence solves all problems
This will mean that she is potraying succesful black superstars in a bad light which is something she doesnt normally do.

Having rappers dissing opray will probably end up giving her more credibility for her audience which will be good for her brand. Rappers dissing Oprah will get more credibility for their punters but I a guessing less credibility in the black estibleshment.

Rappers thinking that they can take on Oprah shows how powerful they have become in the entertainment industry.


Anonymous Latonia said...

I think that this whole issue could have been squashed. I see both sides of the story but i must agree with the rappers. if oprah feels that having a rapper on her show will bring down her ratings then don't talk about rap. Ludacris Ice Cube and 50 cents have all made some outstanding movies. Talk about there life as actors and not rappers. Honestly I think oprahs ratings would go up if her topics were more versitle. this is 2006 every body listen to rap. if you have rappers on your show i think more black people will whatch because they will beable to relate to the show. I think Jezzy puts it best. Rappers are just motivational speakers. I think Oprah my have forgotten how it is growing up in the hood. everything my look as though it has changed on the outside but nothing has changed. everything these rappers rap about still happens...

5:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those rappers are just jelous Oprah Winfrey is the riches and most powerful African American in America........She has no reason to put them on her show anyway..Luda,50 & Ice Cube need to suck it up n get over it!..even if she did put them on her show all we would hear is cussing n there ghetto story or how they survived getting shot 9 times, how entertaining...Rappers r always talking about how rough there childhood was n how they grew up in tha ghetto but really Oprah had the roughest life growing up.

7:02 am  
Anonymous HIP HOP LUVA said...

I got alot to say on this topic but really couldnt be bothered but wat i will say is that Oprah needs to stop stereotyping hip hop artists, just because they talk about guns thugs etc. doesnt mean thats them, to these poeple Hip Hop is thier job n as good BUSINESSMEN they are giving what their customers want. Although she should also listen to rap songs like Dear Momma, Brendas' got a baby, Keep ya head up by Tupac; Run-away Love by Ludacris; Thankyou By Xzibit; Race Card By Ice Cube and there are many many more songs out there that are made for a positive perpose and a 'Wake up call' n not bragging about their gunz n money. Not all rap is tha same and if she didnt want to show an un-bias interview she should have not showen it at all.
P.S. has anyone who commented actually listend 2 some of the SPEECHS by TUPAC......

12:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man Oprah is trippin she's discriminating against rappers. she claims she likes rap music then why wont she let them on her show. Anonymous you need to shut your fucking mouth.

11:23 am  

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