Friday, May 05, 2006

Hot Jobs for the next 10 years

Article from CNN Money statest what will be the hot jobs for the next 10 years. There is a lot of computer jobs which I havent listed below. My takes is the hot jobs for people in Fiji in the next ten years is in nursing/age care and security

Network systems and data communications analyst
What they do: Assemble networks from the bottom up, from data to email and voicemail systems.
Why it's hot: More companies are building networks to speed office communications and create better access to data.

Physician assistant
What they do: Juggle all the tasks that busy doctors don't have time to handle, like taking medical histories. May work independently at clinics.
Why it's hot: The health care industry is exploding thanks to an aging population. An increasing emphasis on cost containment is also increasing the demand for physician assistants.

Database administrator
What they do: Handle database setup and security to ensure that information is delivered smoothly around a company's network.
Why it's hot: More and more information needs to be shared across computer networks, and the database administrator is at the center of that process.

Physical therapist
What they do: Guide people suffering from injuries or disease through physical treatments and exercises.
Why it's hot: As the population ages, the number of individuals with limited physical limitations or disabilities keeps growing.

Medical scientist
What they do: Conducts biomedical research.
Why it's hot: Though the budget increases at the National Institutes of Health that have fueled research have come to a stop, there's no shortage of new biotechnology ventures.

Occupational therapist
What they do: Help people with mental or physical handicaps learn to perform daily tasks like bathing and dressing.
Why it's hot: In an aging society, more people need this type of assistance.

College instructor
What they do: Teach classes across a wide range of academic and vocational topics.
Why it's hot: An expected increase in the number of 18 to 24-year-olds will boost college enrollment.


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