Monday, May 01, 2006

2006 NFL Draft Grades

As seen by my mock draft I couldnt have been more wrong as I didnt get any team right and didnt choose Ernie Simms, Vernon Davis and Dhonte Winter in my top ten. Three of my players who didnt make it were Ngata, Justice and Jay Cutler.

The following is my draft grades for the teams I will be supporting next year

Even though huff was in my top ten I am not sold on him. I am also not sure about the rest of the raiders draft. It must be something to do with the management in the last few years.

I had Vince Young and lendale white in my top 10 of my first mock draft. So tennessee wins my choice of best draft of 2006 and they also chose Jesse Mahelona in round 4 who I said should be in the first day.

Arizona Cardinals
Matt Lienart value is of number one draft choice but it was just bad luck in this draft. Cardinals also chose lutui who has blocked well at tackle and guard for lienart at USC and I thought was better then Justice. I also like Leonard Pope. I predict leinart will be leading the Cardinals to the playoffs within two years.

Houston Texans
Excellent draft for today and you can’t grade a draft based on what you missed out on but how you have improved your team. I like the choice of Wali Lundi as running back which is classic example of somo one following blocks which is something kubiak will set up nicely for him with his new offensive line.

Baltimore Ravens
Like bill belichek you dont question Ozzie Newsome's draft choices and it was good when the traded up to get ngata, hopefully ngata will turn up as one of the best players of the draft as I am predicting

Vince Young
Last post on Vince Young until he starts playing but interesting that Ohio State the team that Vince beat had five defensive players go in the first three rounds and USC had 3 defensive players out of 11 players drafted.

Texas had six players drafted where three were in the first round.

Its not logical that one of best offensive lines ever gets 2 people drafted in the second round and matua in the seventh.

Cant believe 5 ohio state people got drafted in the first round, number of Florida state players and I predict the the NC State defensive players are overrated for the NFL

Pacific Islanders
I am really disappointed that only 5 pacific Islanders that I know off were drafted and especially steve fifita not being drafted. Fifita amazingly strong with a 675 lb. squat and 460 lb. bench press. Fifita reminds me of Maake Kemoeatu who was also a utah product that was undrafted.

I really hope I was not a negative influence in any of the islanders being drafted.


Anonymous george said...

Steve Fifita has been signed to Miami and Nick Sabans had a pretty good draft record last year.

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