Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kubiak selects Mario Williams as First Choice in 2006 Draft

So months of pimping Vince Young to be drafted by the Houston Texans didn't work. The houston texans have signed Mario Williams to a contract which will mean that Mario Williams will be the first person chosen in the 2006 NFL draft

When I first heard of the news it was a real shock and thought casserly stuffed up again. But the more I think about it, I think it was kubiak's call. As kubiak thinks he can make Carr work like he did for plummer then defense is the texans biggest need. It also seems that Texans want to win now and not wait for any more draft projects

The problem I have in the Texans choice is in the first round you draft the best player available were in this draft Young, Bush and leinart imo are way above the rest. But williams workout numbers make him the best player in some teams drafts.

The second issue is williams value mainly came from his workout number and size and not his performance in college games which to me his performances were average for normal draft hopefuls. So it could be another mike mamula case.

So why didnt the Texans trade down and get get williams later probably because of Mario Williams potential, williams might have already been taken and its not worth the risk of losing the best defensive player of the draft.

I really like Kubiak as a coach and think the texans will do well this year, but I am no longer going to be a texans fan and will support whatever team Vince Young goes like I did with Jordan

There is no doubt in my mind that Texans with Vince Young would have more success on and off the field then Mario Williams.


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