Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates pumps money into ethanol

The following is from a digg article that states microsoft chairman holds a 25.5% stake in corn-fuel maker Pacific Ethanol. resulting from a private transaction with the maker of corn-based fuel, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Gates acquired 5.25 million shares convertible preferred stock on April 13 for $16 per share, the filing said.

Pacific Ethanol is building an ethanol production facility in California and said in late March it hoped the deal with Cascade Investment, Gates's investment vehicle, would close by mid-April.

So Bill Gates invest in one of my favourite causes, just some more evidence that ethanol is a good opportunity for the future and the changing perception of Bill Gates

Also there is a good article on a new type of ethanol-boosted, turbocharged gasoline engine could be the answer. The engine would be almost as efficient as gas-electric hybrids, but cost much less, according to its MIT inventors -- Leslie Bromberg and Daniel Cohn, plasma science and fusion center researchers, and John Heywood, professor of mechanical engineering.


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